Exclusive EC-Council Distributor in Egypt

ASC firm, one of the few firms which operating in the field of information security in Egypt and Middle East. Our Firm was launched in March 2007 as a unique body providing high quality of services.

Long years ago, we stepped forward and achieved a massive progress that put us today among the leading companies of the research and development fields In addition to the Information Security services.

ASC is one of the effective companies that works in the field of research and development of systems for the protection of information and securing the infrastructure which use the latest scientific theories in the design and development of technologies for the digital world safe and provides security solutions to protect identities, hackers attacks and cyber crime.

ASC promotes information security training and Information security services to establish a consistent and secure environment within entities handling confidential data such as banks and financial service providers that constantly face challenges to safeguard customers’ data including Credit/Debit card details and other personal information.

Arab Security Consultants

ASC provides effective information security services such as penetration testing , vulnerability assessment and risk assessment in addition to availing information security training such as (CHE,CHFI, ECSA,LPT,.. etc) as well using the means of authentication, encryption or digital signatures to maintain data privacy, streamline workflow or enable access by using Smart Token or Smart Cards.

Exclusive EC-Council Distributor in Egypt

Training Centers

As unique as we are individually, we share a mutual passion for technology and doing excellent work for our clients and partners. We pride ourselves on our strategic, integrated approach to public relations and the results it delivers.

ASC is more focused on banking information security, network security, staff training and development to guide the different entities in reaching cyber security and secure their working environment in addition to promoting and boosting their work quality assurance standards and qualifications.

ASC is ready to perform critical evaluation studies for the security systems of buildings in use (old projects) based on this, ASC performs a design to complement and upgrade all systems and consequently executes the new design.